UH Masters Workouts Resume Tuesday, September 3rd!

Please read through the UH Masters Fall 2019 Newsletter: Returning to the Duke Kahanamoku Aquatic Complex


All are welcome for a free, one time trial workout session. Before you return for your second workout session we require all members to have competed the following steps. To complete click the links provided.

  1. Complete US Masters Swimming Registration

    This membership must be renewed annually for our insurance purposes. Keep your US Masters Swimming member number on hand for Step #4.

  2. Fill out online our UH Masters registration and waiver.

  3. Pay for your UH Masters Membership online at www.HawaiiAthletics.com/camps

    Click “UH Masters Swim Club” and select your preferred payment option in the drop down menu.

    *Note: you will need to provide some of the same information more than once.

 Membership Payment Options: 

  • Monthly Membership ($60): includes unlimited number of workout sessions for the calendar month

  • 10 Workout Session Pass ($70): includes 10 workout sessions. 10 Workout Session Passes expires 12 months from purchase date.

  • Quarterly Pass ($180): includes unlimited number of workout sessions for 3 calendar months

  • Semi-Annual Pass ($360): includes unlimited number of workout sessions for the current half-year

  • Drop-In ($15) Guest Membership: includes 1 workout session pass

    (10% discount will be provided upon request to UH Students, Faculty, and Staff, with valid UH ID)

Parking Passes are available for purchase on request:

Please reach out to Coach Marcus at uhmasters@icloud.com for more info. Please be prepared to provide your name, license plate number, (1 additional license plate number), email, and phone number.

Reserver Lockers are also available on request for additional costs.